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Treating Insomnia
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  1. Summarize the basics of sleep nomenclature including sleep period, phase, continuity, and architecture to inform clinical treatment interventions.
  2. Conduct a clinical assessment to differentiate acute insomnia from insomnia disorder in clients and articulate the importance of treating the chronic form as a specifically targeted co-morbidity.
  3. Explore the empirical evidence for the efficacy of CBT-I for both primary and co-morbid insomnia disorder to inform the clinician’s choice of treatment interventions.
  4. Articulate the basics of sleep regulation and demonstrate how to utilize these concepts in the deployment of CBT-I in clinical practice.
  5. Identify how to obtain useable client sleep diary data and strategies for analyzing the data for use in the treatment of insomnia.
  6. Apply the techniques of stimulus control, sleep restriction, sleep hygiene education and cognitive therapeutic strategies to the clinical treatment of chronic insomnia.
Sleep Regulation Problems: How Insomnia Develops
  • Factors that weaken the sleep drive
  • Factors that weaken the signal of the circadian clock
  • How the circadian clock & sleep drive work together to regulate sleep
  • How the arousal system interferes with sleep regulation
  • Cognitions & behaviors that create cognitive arousal & interfere with sleep
  • Identify conditioned insomnia
Assessment & Treatment Planning
  • Treat insomnia to improve outcomes of PTSD, chronic pain, depression & anxiety
  • Why treating a primary mental health disorder won’t cure insomnia
  • Insomnia-informed considerations for the clinical interview
  • Who is a good candidate for CBT-I
  • Hypnotic medications & sleep
  • Drugs that can cause sleep disturbance
  • Take-home assessment resources
  • Sleep diary
  • Limitations of research & potential risks
Assessment Factors
  • Assess for comorbid sleep disorders
  • Evaluate sleep continuity
  • Identify daytime symptoms of insomnia
  • Discern bad sleep habits
  • Other assessment considerations
  • When to refer to a sleep specialist
Sleep Hygiene: Decrease Clients’ Vulnerability to Insomnia
  • Clock watching & implications for sleep diary
  • Environmental concerns
  • How eating affects sleep
  • When to exercise
  • Address caffeine, alcohol & nicotine use
Sleep Restriction Therapy (SRT): Strengthen the Sleep Drive and Signals From the Circadian Clock
  • Goals of sleep restriction
  • Sleep restriction rationale
  • SRT: Step-by-step
  • Considerations for setting the sleep window
  • How & when to extend time-in-bed
  • Rules for before-bed activities
  • Address clients’ fears about SRT
  • Combat difficulty with waking on time
  • Troubleshooting insufficient progress
Stimulus Control (SC): Address Conditioned Arousal
  • Goals of stimulus control
  • Rational for stimulus control
  • Stimulus control: Step-by-step
  • Counter arousal strategies
  • Activities for nighttime wakefulness
  • Address clients’ practical concerns
  • Overcome obstacles to stimulus control
Cognitive Therapy: Help Clients Change Thoughts & Beliefs that Interfere with Sleep
  • Reduce arousal: The buffer zone & worry time
  • Educate your client to become an expert on their own sleep disorder
  • Tools to identify cognitions & belief that interfere with sleep
  • Combat intrusive thoughts during sleep time
  • Activities to help clients with arousal
  • Reduce sleep effort & worry about lack of sleep
  • Correct clients’ unrealistic expectations
  • Strategies to restructure thoughts
  • Behavioral experiments


Donn Posner, PhD, certified behavioral sleep medicine specialist, is an adjunct clinical associate professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences at the Stanford University School of Medicine. He is working as a clinical/research psychologist at the Palo Alto VA. Prior to his role at the VA, he spent 25 years serving as the director of clinical behavioral medicine for Rhode Island and Miriam hospitals and was also the director of behavioral sleep medicine for the Sleep Disorders Center of Lifespan Hospitals. For 20 of those years, Dr. Posner served as the primary supervisor for a rotation of the behavioral medicine track of the clinical psychology internship at Brown. He also mentored post-doctoral fellows and lectured on behavioral sleep medicine and anxiety disorders to interns, fellows, and residents in internal medicine and psychiatry. In addition, he was a consultant for the Veteran’s Administration roll out of CBT-I and trained VA clinicians across the country in the implementation of this treatment.

Dr. Posner is one of the authors of Cognitive Behavioral Treatment of Insomnia: A Session-by-Session Guide (New York: Springer/Verlag). The book is intended for clinical trainees, and non-insomnia sleep specialists, as well as more experienced clinicians from outside the sleep medicine field, who wish to learn how to provide empirically validated cognitive behavioral treatments for insomnia (CBT-I).

He is a member of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and became one of the first certified behavioral sleep medicine specialists recognized by that group.

Speaker Disclosures:

Financial: Donn Posner is adjunct clinical associate professor at Stanford University of Medicine. He is a clinical researcher for Palo Alto Veterans Institute for Research. Dr. Posner receives a speaking honorarium from PESI, Inc.

Non-financial: Donn Posner is a member of the American Psychological Association; Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies; and the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.
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