How to Adapt CBT and Mindfulness Skills for Young Clients

As a therapist who treats kids, you are no doubt aware of the growing crisis among young people. Alarming rates of mental health struggles have brought more and more children to therapy. Now more than ever, therapists need simple and effective ways to help their young clients navigate the challenges they face.

Help kids handle the not-so-great things that come up in their lives with cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and mindfulness skills. When kids understand how their thoughts, feelings, and actions work together, they’re better prepared to deal with life’s many challenges.

In this video, psychologist, CBT expert, and anxiety specialist Dr. Seth Gillihan answers questions about helping kids talk about what they’re feeling, introducing kids to CBT, and how to adapt CBT and mindfulness skills for young clients. It also gives you an insight into this new workbook The Mindful CBT Workbook for Kids, where you will find the best research-backed skills of mindful cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) in a format that is both substantive and child-centered.

Give young clients essential skills to navigate life's challenges with confidence
The Mindful CBT Workbook for Kids
Whether they’re struggling with worry, self-criticism, perfectionism, anxiety, taking responsibility, friendships, homework, or more, each lesson in this The Mindful CBT Workbook for Kids includes simple skills to help kids train their minds to think differently, choose the best actions, and decide where to put their attention - and even have some fun doing it!

With over 100 engaging, fun activities and fill-in worksheets, they’ll learn how to set right-sized goals (not too big, not too small), get quiet inside so they can pay attention to their thoughts and feelings, bounce back from mistakes and be nicer to themselves, and so much more.

Meet the Expert:
Seth J. Gillihan, PhD, is a licensed psychologist and creator of the Think Act Be online school. He specializes in evidence-based mindful CBT for depression, anxiety, OCD, PTSD, stress, and insomnia. Seth is a certified therapist and supervisor in Prolonged Exposure therapy for PTSD and a Fellow of the Center for Neuroscience and Society at the University of Pennsylvania. He served on the faculty of the world-renowned Center for Treatment and Study of Anxiety as well as the department of psychiatry, and he also taught full time in the psychology department at Haverford College.

Learn more about his educational products, including upcoming live seminars, by clicking here.

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